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Laura Crockett

"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgot."
-Rudyard Kipling

Kipling's quote is my command. So I tell stories, and you learn history.

My mission is to wrap you up in the past so that you can feel it and understand it. And never forget it. Because history is never dull.

Here, we learn about people. That is what history really is. The story of your ancestors. People whose DNA is inside you. Hundreds of thousands of people. That's how you got here. Ancestors are made up of peasants and monarchs, generals and foot soldiers, washerwomen, Amazons, and a duchess here and there. Good guys, bad guys, bad women, and saints, no one is ignored. Because they are the people who brought you to life. We will study what they did and why they did it. Context is our most important ingredient. I don't romanticize the past. I do not layer it with political correctness either.

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I have the GPS to the past.