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Women, and the Necessary Journey


What is a hero’s journey?

The Hero’s Journey is an idea introduced by Joseph Campbell. We learned of Campbell because of Star Wars. The first film’s theme was about Luke Skywalker’s hero’s journey.

A hero’s journey is a trek to self-discovery.

Campbell was a mythologist. His work in mythology is wonderful and illuminating. Campbell reminds us of why we like these stories. Because each and every story out there has a moral. If it doesn’t, it’s not a story. That is why Hollywood stories seem to be pointless. They are flash for cash.

Or they are political. Everything is now political. And what a bore it all is.

Nonetheless, we need our fables. They are instructive in our inner lives. To that individual that is you.

This is the theme of the book I now write. Its title is, Leading Ladies. It is an instruction manual on developing the inner life of the potential leader. Because leaders are born with those personalities that compel them to watch over other human beings, instruct them and point the way. “Follow me,” the leader says. “Do as I do,” is what she must convey.

The first half of the book is about the development of the leadership potential. One of the points I make is to eschew victimhood, and embrace sovereignty.

Any wannabe leader that has not taken their hero’s journey will not be a successful guide for the rest of us. They will be stuck in the wannabe mode because they won’t know who or what they are until they have been tested and tried. This is true for women as well as men.

The first hero in the book, and I use that term instead of heroine, is Eve. Eve is about coming into consciousness. Next up is Psyche. Her story is complex, with so many layers of meaning it will make your head spin. Part of her lesson is this: Women need to learn about their own uniqueness apart from being female. Taking the hero’s journey, a woman can come to a place where she shuts out the lies of both the radical feminists and conservative religious. She will learn if she is truly leadership material, because her personality, her soul is of that type.

Psyche, as a young woman, strikes out on her own, takes a huge risk, we are talking life and death here, and ends up married to the god, Eros. Because of her lack of trust in her husband, she ends up having to take on tasks to gain an understanding of trust. During her journey, she must learn to trust nature and her inner voices. Once she has completed her tasks, including coming near to death, she is reunited with Eros, who takes her to Olympus. There he marries her, officially. She dwells among the gods because she has earned it.

An arduous journey gives a woman confidence in her abilities to make life work. The female with the leader’s personality will thrive mightily during such a trek. She will like it. Because the soul of a leader is different. It doesn’t want to lead, it has to lead. Sometimes it is reluctant to do so. Still, such a woman will end up leading because people are attracted to the individual who is born to shepherd others. It is as biological as your genetic code that forms you. However, and this is huge, leadership has to be developed. All talent has to be developed. As my priest once said, “I hate to tell you this, but priests don’t fall out of the sky into the churches.”

Ladies, taking your hero’s journey is the first step. Along the way, you will learn about you, and probably find your first mentor. Women will learn how to lead as women, not as some version of a male leader.

Women are instinctively tough. We have to be. The future depends upon us. Too many moderns willfully forget about this little fact of nature. The “women are victims” yappers need to be put in their place. By women. The enemy is not the patriarchy, which, I will argue, modern men have set out to destroy. Women’s real enemy is the resistance to feminine ruggedness, which some men have feared, and now work to destroy. Because they want women to be a part of the victim class. Victims are controlled by others. That is what makes them victims.

Don’t go there, girls. Go, instead, on your journey. Discover yourself. Discover what you really like doing. Discover your resiliency, your abilities, your durability. If the leader is inside, she will make herself known.

Embrace her.