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The Monarchist Speaks

It won’t surprise any of my readers or students to learn that I am a monarchist.

What does that exactly mean?

It means my politics lean toward hereditary leadership.


Because democracy, with its universal suffrage, is a failure.

More and more of my friends, acquaintances and readers, have started the process of leaning with me towards having a well educated, spiritually aware, anointed, oath taking, and crowned, individual seated on the throne for life. They like the idea, as do I, that the head of the nation should not be changed every 4 years through a rancorous process we call an election. We are tired of a country divided into opposing groups of for, against and I don’t care.

There is also that group that simply opposes any and all government.

Funny, that, because the monarchists and the libertarian anarchists have the most in common.


Both libertarians and monarchists have an ideal that ranks right up there with the impossible dream. Here is why. Firstly, both of these forms of human organization are impossible if their respective leadership cannot come up with a plan to educate the people about their dream. Secondly, both need bold, charismatic leadership to create organizations that are viable. Which means, the leaders will have to form a plan for success. Which means, some of the old leaders will have to be tossed.

Whatever the libertarians decide, the road ahead for them is rough. It is difficult to deal with a group that is full of radical individualists. And purists.

Libertarians aside, the road ahead for the monarchists is also bumpy. We don’t really have an organization. There are, what I refer to, as clubs. People who get together to drink a toast to the Queen of the UK, or any other sitting monarch (there are still quite a few), to announce the birth of new royalty sans a throne, and to mourn the loss of thrones. But no one has a plan to support any one of the many pretenders.

That would take informed and bold leadership, someone with a plan, who has eyes and ears in all the right places. The leadership would have to discern what throne would be the easiest to restore, and then marshal the troops, activists, not armed, unless things came to a blow. Once a potential restoration is determined, a real coop would have to be handled locally. Therefore, it is important that the citizenry supports a return of their monarch.

What if, I ask, there is no viable pretender?

A new monarch to many in the monarchist movement is an affront. Me? I read too much history to think that each monarch must be descended from a monarch. This is so, I will argue, mostly true today when there are arguments, sometimes quite heated, on which individual is the correct person to take the old throne.

You see, monarchists have their own branch of purists. I offer up one Jean Bernadotte, as an outstanding example of a non royal taking a vacant throne. Bernadotte was one of Napoleon’s finest field marshals. He came from humble beginnings, and ended up on the throne of the kingdoms of Sweden-Norway, invited by the last king. The House of Bernadotte still rules in Sweden.

Among the royal families, some of the old line is no longer interested in being a king, queen or prince. They make too much money in the private sector, and have too much individual freedom to want to tie themselves down to what is, most of the time, a tedious job. Just ask Meghan Merkel. It all seemed so glamorous until she had to walk the walk. Plus into today’s world where rudeness is acceptable, well, who wants the job?

Whoever would take on one of these old kingdoms would have to have the guts of a Henry II, who took on a kingdom torn apart by a civil war with a predecessor who did nothing to organize a government. A new monarch, even on an old throne, would have their work cut out for them.

Put that aside for now. We monarchist have to get to that point with our own work to be done. Clubs are nice, but an organization that means business would be a much better approach. An organization with a strong, non fawning leadership that knows its way around noble society. The leadership must mirror nobility. It is necessary that it is well educated, firm in its conviction, with skills in protocol and etiquette. An organization with a goal to place a monarch on a vacant throne, oh what a ride that would be.

Who is in?